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  • Top quality service! I was recommended to Mr. Karpf by a friend.. He saved my reputation, future and saved me money. It should go without saying this was one of the best decisions I’ve made recently- Skai B.
  • Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Andrew Karpf! Mr. Andrew Karpf was the criminal attorney for my friend's case, which after months and months was dismissed. Mr. Karpf fought tirelessly for my friend and helped save his life when his immigration case depended heavily on the outcome of his criminal case. Mr. Karpf is a compassionate, competent friend to have in the court room. He kept the hope going through the long process, his efforts are so deeply appreciated. My friend is living a normal happy life now and it is so much because of the help we received from Andrew Karpf. I recommend his services wholeheartedly. He took the time to explain to us every step with respect and consideration. Having him there to help fight for this young man's life made all the difference in the happier situation we have today. Thank you so much Andrew for all that you did, for all the work you put in at such a crucial time in our lives. Thank for never backing down. A very happy and healthy New Year! Thank you , Thank you!- Julia  
  • Hiring Mr. Karpf was the best thing my brother could have done! He saved his job and his life! The Hispanic community is often misunderstood due to the language barrier and other "life" struggles they face. Not only could he communicate with my brother in his native language but he has Spanish speaking staff that were very comfortable to deal with. He is kind, compassionate and understanding with this population. Couldn't be happier that he is part of our community! Thank you again!!- Anonymous
  • Without your help, I don’t know what we would have done.You have helped my family, and I thank you so much. We found ourselves in a legal predicament, you got us through it, and you’ve been there for us even since it’s been resolved. Thank you, again.- Christina O.
  • These lawyers saved my life!!!!!!If it wasn't for Andrew Karpf, my life would be ruined. He defended me rigorously against false charges, which would have caused me to lose my job and get deported. The Spanish speaking office made it very easy to communicate and made me feel safe and comfortable. I cannot thank these lawyers enough!!!- Former Client
  • Fortunate to have found Andrew Karpf and thankful for the representation of Andrew Karpf! Was referred by a friend and was fortunate to have Andrew Karpf represent me. His representation was efficient and effective. Thank You Andrew! I will be recommending you to family and friends .- Patrick C.
  • I was found not guilty in a record setting timeI would like to give my sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr Karpf and his outstanding team. I retained Mr Karpf’s legal services after being wrongly charged of a crime of domestic violence. Throughout each step of the process Mr Karpf and his team kept me well informed, advised, and were very compassionate. From jury selection, to direct and cross examinations, motions, and closing arguments Mr Karpf was a genius during every aspect. As a result of his impeccable work I was found not guilty in a record setting time. Thank you Mr Karpf for a job well done and giving me my life back!- K.S.
  • Mr. Karpf fought brilliantly and won one of the fastest jury verdicts in Suffolk County history! My son hired Andrew Karpf to defend him against false charges brought by his wife. A conviction would probably have ended his career and limited contact with his daughter. Fortunately, Mr. Karpf fought brilliantly and won one of the fastest jury verdicts in Suffolk County history. His attention to detail and his impeccable memory are very impressive. I am forever grateful to you for a job well done in defending my innocent son. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.- Lois S.
  • I had the opportunity to retain the services of Andrew Karpf!  He was very professional in everything they did. There was always an open line of communication amongst all concerned parties. Their demeanor in the court room was second to none. I would highly recommend anyone to retain their services if needed.

- L.S. - A Happy Client

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 We went to trial and I was found not guilty of all charges! Mr. Andrew Karpf is an excellent trial attorney. I was charged with a Felony DWI, facing a 4 year prison term. I took the breath test and they claimed my reading was .12%. I was facing the loss of my CDL license and my job. Before l made my final selection, l met with other lawyers. None wanted to take my case to the jury. They all wanted me to plead guilty to a felony DWI, do some jail time and probation,  and ruin my life and career. Mr. Karpf never made any promises, but he walked and spoke with confidence. We went to trial and I was found not guilty of all charges. I got my CDL back and never lost my freedom.

- Lloyd M.

  • Best Lawyers EVER!!I would refer anyone to them. They get the job done! The greatest lawyers ever. They talk the talk but also walk the walk! Had me walking out with my head held high. THANK YOU SO MUCH Andrew Karpf! - Toni B.
  • He's the BEST! Mr. Andrew Karpf represented my daughter at a very trying time and handled everything with ease, compassion and with extreme competency. He made himself available whenever we needed him or just had a question. He was always on time, and always kept us informed of everything. Couldn't have asked for a better lawyer and would recommend him to represent anyone who " needed the best "- Patty M.
  •  I was arrested in July 2013 for drunk driving. I was referred by an acquaintance to Mr. Andrew Karpf. Mr. Karpf was very sincere and honest on what was going to happen and what was the worst scenario. I insisted that I was innocent so we planned for a trial. We went to trial for DWI / DUI. Mr. Karpf from the start of the trial was brilliant, from his opening statements to the closing arguments constantly rebutting the questions that the ADA threw at me. Also when the 4 police witness came to testify Mr. Karpf had them scrambling for words. The outcome after the 3 day trial was NOT GUILTY on BOTH counts. Mr. Karpf was so professional from start to finish I would highly recommend him and his associates to anyone that needs assistance.


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